Friday, October 30, 2009

Mathilda's Market

For those of you living in Perth, you may like to know that I will again be having a stall at Mathilda's Market.
Mathilda's Market gives me an opportunity to show off some of my funky, beautiful & unique clothing discoveries, in 'real life'
& gives you a chance to grab hold of some items that you wouldn't otherwise find in other stores.
Many of the lines I carry are either exclusive to me, or limited to only a handful of retailers throughout Australia,
so you can be sure to find something a little unique!
Come & see me at the next Mathilda's Market-

finding funky kid's clothes has never been so easy!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

getting kids to eat

complaints at dinnertime...
fussy eaters...
it seems to be an ongoing issue in many, many homes.
I must say we're pretty lucky. Our three are really great eaters.
Of course there are a few things that are 'sticking points', (like broccoli for the 9 yr old)
but for the most part I think they have a really healthy attitude towards food.

Whilst I do think that a certain amount just comes down to being fortunate,
I also believe that there are a few things that we have 'got right' that have led to our smalls being un-fussy eaters.

I think one of the best things we have done is to follow this rule *idea*

the parent is in charge of providing the food,
the child is in charge of deciding what to eat.

yes, it means giving up on 'total control' but really, who has total control anyway! (it's all an illusion)
 remember, the idea is, that if you only provide nutritious, healthy meals,
then your child will eat nutritious, healthy meals.

we have never subscribed to the idea of making special meals just for the kids, they are quite familiar with us saying
ok, you eat what you like, that's fine, but that's dinner.
occasionally this has been tested, but for the most part, they understand.

part of our approach to raising our children is to maintain a healthy respect for them as individuals.
this means that we do respect that they have different tastes & preferences,
but we also expect them to develop a healthy respect for other's tastes & preferences too.
whenever possible, we plan our meals for the week as a family.
everyone chooses a meal they particularly enjoy & then mum hehehe :) chooses the rest to balance out the rest of the week.
the kids (well the big ones) are then expected to help make their chosen dish.
This is working really well in our home for a few reasons.
the kids get to feel like they have a say, that they are respected, & they get to choose a meal that they love.
they get to see that other people may not enjoy their choice so much, but that to make it fair to everyone, we all take turns.
the responsibility of helping make the meal means that they have a greater appreciation of the time & energy involved in feeding our family
& of course they're learning some great skills as they go.

my son (age 9) now has around 10 meals that he can make with minimal assistance...
& we're not just talking boiled eggs & soldiers.

apart from making meal times a whole lot less stressful, we love that our kids really enjoy food.
That they are not scared to try new things, (blue cheese, snails in Paris!)
they love olives & anchovies, sushimi & curry, & they eat spicy food.
& now, rarely complain at mealtimes.
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