Saturday, February 27, 2010

things they are-a-changing...

ele-ahbaant is coming of age...
what do I mean?

well to explain, I need to start a bit from the beginning,
I promise I'll try to keep it brief!
so here, in a nutshell, is the journey so far...

I have 3 children.
my son (10 yrs old) mister blister, although I guess he's nearly too old for that moniker
1st daughter (8 yrs old) chicken-licken, more often than not, the chookin', although she did announce at around 4 yrs old, that she was no longer "chicken", but would henceforth be known as "chicken chicken running rooster"
& the 'baby girl' who is really not a baby, "I is little girl mummy" (2 & 1/2) known as Arwi-la, or la-la

When my son was born, all those years ago, I was pretty disappointed & frustrated by most of the clothing readily available,
things hadn't changed by the time my second daughter was born.
I experimented during this time with making a few simple pieces of clothing & screen printing some tee's
pretty funky I might say, but just to amuse myself really :)

then the 'big gap' & the decision to have another child led to late nights spent on the net, most often with a sleeping baby on my lap
again, I was frustrated by baby clothes that were too pink/purple & garish, too covered in advertising, too many trucks, superheroes, cars & dumb slogans... (I'm sure you know what I mean!)

well, long story short, I began to make some simple clothing for my daughter, dabbling in some applique` which drew much admiration from those who saw it, so off to market we went!
Perth Upmarket was where it all began with ele-ahbaant, the name supplied by my husband's childhood.
but along the way I had discovered some other labels that I just 'had to have' & so I went on to grow the store, expand the range & scour the www for anything new, interesting, quirky & covetable!

so, the coming of age bit?
Mmmmnn, well that bit's coming very soon, but it involves a name change, a separation of my handmade line & my online store & a new direction for my blog, because you see, I haven't stopped looking! but honestly, there's only so much I can have (well, at once anyway) so my blog will become a broader, whimsical wish list of things I'd like to stock, things I may stock, & things I just like.

I'd love you to visit,
I'd love you to follow me,
& I'd love you to contact me if you have or discover something you'd like to see featured

see you there?

Friday, February 5, 2010

Funky Little Darlings

Always on the lookout for new & interesting things, 
with 'unique' & 'funky' being a high priority.
Well, need I say more, really these pictures say it all.
available now through ele-ahbaant

gorgeous prints:

Funky Wall Paper:

Wall Stickers:

& Wall Scenes: 
I think we might use this one for our youngest's room when we finally get to renovating it!
I love it!

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