Sunday, September 13, 2009

Swimwear for Summer

Living in Sunny Perth, in a suburb quite close to the coast (not quite walking distance... well, ok, a longish walk) we tend to spend quite a bit of time at the beach. In order to make sure the kids can all swim well & confidently, & of course for our own fitness, we also spend a fair amount of time at the pool. So it's fair to say that for us, swimwear becomes a Summer fashion staple.

I've been looking for  a while for a swimwear range that was gorgeous, well made, practical & child-appropriate.  
something that I feel would withstand the demands that my family would throw at it & yet look fun & funky. 
well... I've found it!

on it's way to us at ele-ahbaant as we speak is a gorgeous range of swimwear from Stella Cove.
a fresh take on swimwear, with simple clean lines & beautiful fabric designs.

A boys range is coming very soon also, don't worry, we'll be snapping that up as soon as we can too! but for now, here's a sneak peek of some of the girl's range on it's way

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Twirly, Whirly, Dusky Rose Pettiskirts

More from Alejandra Kearl, these divine Dusky Rose Pettiskirts just seem to encourage dancing, twirling, whirling & much giggling.
Made popular (read; created a world-wide craze) by Dakota Fanning at the
Teen Choice Awards, Pettiskirts have now been elevated to a 'must-have' status.

Gorgeous for dressing up, for getting dressed up,
for special events & so, so popular for portrait photography-
who wouldn't look cute in one of these?

these pictures say it all really

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