Friday, July 31, 2009

Ooooh look!

I must admit I'm not really a celeb follower, but I did get a buzz out of seeing this image of Nicole Ritchie with her daughter Harlow wearing a dress by Pink Chicken NY which we stock!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

the world's most difficult cake!

thing's can get pretty busy in our household...
combining different careers (musicians/ teachers/ small business owners) with 3 children,
yep, things can get pretty busy!
This weekend, I was out (pretty much the whole time) on a music camp, so in an effort to spend some good quality time with my daughter I suggested she could pick 'any' cake/ biscuit/ muffin recipe she fancied, & we would make it together sometime over the weekend....
little did i know that she would choose 'the world's most difficult cake'.

ok, allright, maybe it's not the most difficult.
it's just that, I don't cook cakes. or biscuits. or 'stuff like that'
i just don't have that 'cake cooking gene' or whatever.
I can cook food, honest i can, in fact I can cook some pretty good food sometimes (if I do say so myself!) but I cannot cook cakes.
I am the person who has actually managed to get packet cakes wrong.
yeah, really!

so, the chookin' picked a 'cake' that was a four layered, sculptural work of art featuring chocolate meringue, a hazelnut-choc mousse, berries & nuts.
and I was scared.

I spent 15 minutes trying to talk her into something else, anything else,
but you really can't break a promise when you're already feeling guilty about being out most of the weekend.
"I really want to make that one mum" was the (repeated) response,
& so we did.
& you know what? I think it even worked :)
a few issues with presentation, but for a 7 yr old with minimal help... not bad

I still maintain, that I can't make cakes, but maybe the chookin' can??

Friday, July 24, 2009

Denim to create Havoc in!

for a while now, I've been trying to find a range of Denim to stock
at ele-ahbaant that is great quality, great fit, funky styles & child appropriate.
oh, & I didn't want it to carry a massive price tag,
like I've seen on some brands.
Imagine my surprise to find an emerging Australian designer
that ticks all the boxes!
soon, very soon Havoc Denim will be arriving at ele-ahbaant.

Havoc Denim's main goal was to provide customers with soft quality denim after realising that it was an area lacking in the children's market.
Their denim has been treated & finished with 3 different processes,
then pre-washed- this has to be the softest new denim I think I've ever felt!

the hardest part for me was trying to decide which styles to choose,
I've chosen a few of my favourites, with aid from my
7 yr old helper/model/stockgirl :)
check the site to find out more, or sign up for our newsletter.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Mathilda's Market

Mathilda's Market came & went today, preceeded by a flurry of activity,
& culminating in a chaotic dance of sales, service, smiles & satisfaction .
(& sore feet!)

It was a fantastic day, where I was able to chat with my customers about some of the fantastic brands that I carry that are not widely available
(or not available anywhere else) in Australia, get some face to face feedback,
& even check out some great products around me.
(some that I just might be introducing to you very soon at ele-ahbaant :)

I even get to show off some of my 'own creations'
you know it doesn't matter how many 'ahbaant' t-shirts I sew,
people just seem to go dotty over them.

now, I know I keep telling you how excited I am about some of the
fantastic new products coming to ele-ahbaant very soon...
honestly, I'll be telling you much more very soon.
(make sure you sign up to the ele-ahbaant newsletter to find out first!)
there's one that I've been secretly hoping for, trying for even *begging* to stock for a wee while now, & I received the best news the other day...
I'll be telling you who they are as soon as I have my first order officially in :)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

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