Tuesday, December 8, 2009

a One-derful Birthday

A first birthday is always cause to celebrate, a milestone reached.
A first birthday for a business is no less cause for celebration.
Such a learning curve, such a journey of ups & downs, and I'm sure there'll be more to come, but a milestone reached nonetheless.
If you haven't already signed up for our newsletter, you may want to so you can find out exactly how we are going to celebrate- or check out the facebook page to catch up with all the 'goings on'
to all those who have helped ele-ahbaant along the way-
Thank you.
without you- there would be no celebrating :)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

music, music, music!

It's hard to find the right balance- for any mum.
In my case, the balance has to be divided between my children (three of them)
my husband,
& my lesser known life as a musician.

yes, in my 'other life' I'm a musician.
a career in music is varied to say the least-
as part of my 'job' as a musician, I perform;
everything from performances with Orchestras, through to Jazz, to cover bands, to working in clubs with DJ's!
and I teach- music of course :)
primarily saxophone, but also piano, flute & clarinet.

I'm often asked the question by other mum's
"When should my child start to learn a musical instrument?"
to which of course the answer is,
"how long is a piece of string?"

There is sooooo much research now expounding the benefits of learning a musical instrument.
these benefits range from social, intellectual, educational, physical, emotional and many, many more, but when?

the answer lies within your child.
There are advocates for early starts, & advocates for late starts.
Personally, I advocate starting when the child is ready- & I guess this is the tough question.

I have taught 6 yr olds who have been diligent & focussed & I've taught 30 yr olds who don't practice, forget their music, fail to remember lessons & really don't seem to understand what their role in learning is.

Your child needs to be ready to take on responsibility for their own learning- to a degree of course.
They need to understand that it's not all going to be easy & they will have to work at it, but that it will be worth it in the end.
They need to have patience & perseverance.
tough call isn't it?

I also stress to parents that sometimes it may turn out to be
not the 'right time',
but it doesn't mean that it's the end.
sometimes, it may not be the right instrument,
but it doesn't mean it's the end...

Whilst we're not all going to end up being professional musicians, I could list many, many professional musicians who have broken the rules- started too late, changed their focus instrument, stopped playing for an extended period of time... the list goes on.
We might not all perform music, but we are all surrounded by music in various shapes & forms- just think of the impact music has on our mood, on setting the scene in a film or play, think about how much children love singing, dancing, clapping & moving to music.
A healthy understanding leads to a healthy appreciation.

I do encourage, for all parents, that they surround their children with music, play as many styles as you can!

surround them with instruments.
of course our kids are spoilt for choice with instruments- a perk of being in the industry, but it doesn't have to be expensive-

try filling a plastic jar with rice as a shaker- kid's love it!
lay out the tupperware like a drum kit- chopsticks are fun to use.
& cardboard tubes make great didgeridoos.
then there's the old favourite of filling glasses or jars with different levels of water-
experiment with the sounds you can get.

At the end of the day, really the only thing that counts,
the really important thing ~
teaching letting them enjoy music!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Perth Upmarket does Junior Upmarket

it all started with a lovingly stored matinee jacket & an appliqued` elephant tee.
It really did.
as I sit here tonight, cutting out elephant, after elephant, after elephant
I have to also say it all started with Perth Upmarket.
The first elephant applique` drew so many comments of where did you get that, & then requests of 'could you please make one for me?' that it led me to look into whether this was an option worth pursuing.
with a brand new baby on my lap I surfed the net looking for options & stumbled across the site Perth Upmarket. not really expecting to be accepted, I put together my application, attached my photos & waited to see what would happen... & it happened! I was accepted! & so I set out to create a suitable amount of stock for a novice hand craft marketer. how much? how much?

looking back I realise now how very lucky I was, one of those 'in the right place at the right time' kind of moments.
The first Perth Upmarket was a roaring success.
Exceptionally well organised, so much thought put into it from every angle & such high quality hand crafted goodies everywhere you looked, & then the crowds came.
I had friends who had come in to 'keep me company' who I never even got to speak to because I was run off my feet!

Since then Perth Upmarket has grown from strength to strength. Justine has crafted a hand crafted market so highly regarded that there are now huge waiting lists to be given a stall. Perth Upmarket has drawn rave reviews, from both the retailers involved & the customers who come, hoping to find something just a little unique, & are treated to more than they imagined. The quality of merchandise produced at Perth Upmarket is remarkable, and the variety of stallholders maintained through Justine's policy of rotating the retailers to keep the market fresh & active. Browse through some of the listings on the Perth Upmarket site to get an idea of the diversity or talent displayed at these events.
She has recently expanded to also organise and run a Junior Upmarket, catering to all things, well, junior & is now even being asked to select & co-ordinate stalls for other established 'special event' markets around Perth.

the next Junior Upmarket (where you can find me :) will be held at UWA Winthrop Hall undercroft from 10am till 2pm
& the next Perth Upmarket will be held on 29th Nov at the Town Hall, 10am to 4pm
If you live in Perth, this is one not to miss,
& if you do come, stop & say hi :)

Friday, October 30, 2009

Mathilda's Market

For those of you living in Perth, you may like to know that I will again be having a stall at Mathilda's Market.
Mathilda's Market gives me an opportunity to show off some of my funky, beautiful & unique clothing discoveries, in 'real life'
& gives you a chance to grab hold of some items that you wouldn't otherwise find in other stores.
Many of the lines I carry are either exclusive to me, or limited to only a handful of retailers throughout Australia,
so you can be sure to find something a little unique!
Come & see me at the next Mathilda's Market-

finding funky kid's clothes has never been so easy!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

getting kids to eat

complaints at dinnertime...
fussy eaters...
it seems to be an ongoing issue in many, many homes.
I must say we're pretty lucky. Our three are really great eaters.
Of course there are a few things that are 'sticking points', (like broccoli for the 9 yr old)
but for the most part I think they have a really healthy attitude towards food.

Whilst I do think that a certain amount just comes down to being fortunate,
I also believe that there are a few things that we have 'got right' that have led to our smalls being un-fussy eaters.

I think one of the best things we have done is to follow this rule *idea*

the parent is in charge of providing the food,
the child is in charge of deciding what to eat.

yes, it means giving up on 'total control' but really, who has total control anyway! (it's all an illusion)
 remember, the idea is, that if you only provide nutritious, healthy meals,
then your child will eat nutritious, healthy meals.

we have never subscribed to the idea of making special meals just for the kids, they are quite familiar with us saying
ok, you eat what you like, that's fine, but that's dinner.
occasionally this has been tested, but for the most part, they understand.

part of our approach to raising our children is to maintain a healthy respect for them as individuals.
this means that we do respect that they have different tastes & preferences,
but we also expect them to develop a healthy respect for other's tastes & preferences too.
whenever possible, we plan our meals for the week as a family.
everyone chooses a meal they particularly enjoy & then mum hehehe :) chooses the rest to balance out the rest of the week.
the kids (well the big ones) are then expected to help make their chosen dish.
This is working really well in our home for a few reasons.
the kids get to feel like they have a say, that they are respected, & they get to choose a meal that they love.
they get to see that other people may not enjoy their choice so much, but that to make it fair to everyone, we all take turns.
the responsibility of helping make the meal means that they have a greater appreciation of the time & energy involved in feeding our family
& of course they're learning some great skills as they go.

my son (age 9) now has around 10 meals that he can make with minimal assistance...
& we're not just talking boiled eggs & soldiers.

apart from making meal times a whole lot less stressful, we love that our kids really enjoy food.
That they are not scared to try new things, (blue cheese, snails in Paris!)
they love olives & anchovies, sushimi & curry, & they eat spicy food.
& now, rarely complain at mealtimes.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Swimwear for Summer

Living in Sunny Perth, in a suburb quite close to the coast (not quite walking distance... well, ok, a longish walk) we tend to spend quite a bit of time at the beach. In order to make sure the kids can all swim well & confidently, & of course for our own fitness, we also spend a fair amount of time at the pool. So it's fair to say that for us, swimwear becomes a Summer fashion staple.

I've been looking for  a while for a swimwear range that was gorgeous, well made, practical & child-appropriate.  
something that I feel would withstand the demands that my family would throw at it & yet look fun & funky. 
well... I've found it!

on it's way to us at ele-ahbaant as we speak is a gorgeous range of swimwear from Stella Cove.
a fresh take on swimwear, with simple clean lines & beautiful fabric designs.

A boys range is coming very soon also, don't worry, we'll be snapping that up as soon as we can too! but for now, here's a sneak peek of some of the girl's range on it's way

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Twirly, Whirly, Dusky Rose Pettiskirts

More from Alejandra Kearl, these divine Dusky Rose Pettiskirts just seem to encourage dancing, twirling, whirling & much giggling.
Made popular (read; created a world-wide craze) by Dakota Fanning at the
Teen Choice Awards, Pettiskirts have now been elevated to a 'must-have' status.

Gorgeous for dressing up, for getting dressed up,
for special events & so, so popular for portrait photography-
who wouldn't look cute in one of these?

these pictures say it all really

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Book Week

Book Week is the longest running children's festival in Australia,

celebrating its 64th birthday in 2009.

I feel very fortunate to have been born into a 'bookish' family.

My sister & I have always read, my parents read, & my grandmother read.

I remember holidays spent at grandma's house in the country where we (my cousins, my sister & I) would raid the bookshelves & settle down on the patchwork picnic blanket out on the sprawling front lawn to read,

or the early, early mornings when we would all pile into grandma's bed (yes, all of us!) for her to read to us while she sipped her English breakfast cup of tea...

no tea bags, a pot, of course!

As a child, I was a prolific reader & always had at least one book on the go, sometimes 2 or 3!

I still enjoy reading, very much, time seems to be my main barrier.

I love to see that my children find great joy in books & that the older 2 are already in possession of very strong literacy skills ~ the youngest is showing signs of being the same- she loves books, & will quite happily sit down to 'read them' to us.

My teaching background has made me acutely aware, that a positive, 'book-enriched' environment creates a positive foundation, leading to strong literacy skills.

so... more books, more books, more books!

Read to them, Read with them, listen to them Read to you & treat Reading with wonder...

you know, it can even be fun :)

in the words of Dr Seuss:

"The more that you read, the more things you will know.

The more that you learn, the more places you'll go"

To support & encourage literacy in Australia, we at ele-ahbaant are giving away a

free book with every purchase made between the 22nd & 28th August 09.


Sunday, August 16, 2009

one for the girls

I've been waiting a long time to introduce the following labels to you-
The unfortunate part about finding amazing labels from around the world is that they are generally a season out...
so whilst it may be a little early, I just couldn't wait any longer!

Alejandra designs gorgeous, yet affordable collections for girls.
Her designs are very original, & strongly feature embroidery & we love that she maintains a sweat-shop free company.
Of course I've already seen Winter (2010) & I'm equally excited about that!

Aiko Decelles designs the Dan Dan collection: which means, 'gradual' or 'step-by-step'
Aiko places great emphasis on growing step-by-step with the child...
wait till you see what she has in store for next season.
for now, you'll be sweetly enchanted by the gorgeous styles on offer for Summer.
Capturing whimsy & innocence, all in a versatile, practical package.

Another one for the girls,
again a feeling of nostalgia & simplicity is evident in this line.
Perfect for Summer in gorgeous fabrics.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Going Dotty for Dotty Spot Designs

I recently had a stall at Mathilda's Market (in Perth)
Always a great day, & one where I can showcase some of the brands I carry that are not commonly found, including my own line of appliqued tees.
It's always lovely to meet my customers, to give some background on the products, to chat about my brands, to suggest items that may work with something they have in mind & now, to even say hi again to the customers who keep coming back.

It's also lovely to meet others in this crazy industry, & this time I was fortunate enough to have a stall right next to the girls from
Dotty Spot Designs.
I fell in love with their canvases, & just had to become a retailer for them.
I love the designs, the colours they use & I was really, really impressed by their attention to detail & the quality of their product.
Dotty Spot's personalised designs are printed on polyblended artist’s canvas & mounted on quality timber frames.

so, now available at ele-ahbaant,
I introduce you to Dotty Spot Designs

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Breastfeeding 101

This week is World Breastfeeding Week, & as such brings contemplation & reflection;

I am a strong advocate for breastfeeding, & breastfed my three children till they weaned themselves- at 14 months, 11 months & 14 months.

I was one of the fortunate, to whom breastfeeding came easily.

This is not to say I didn't have my fair share of cracked nipples & other issues, but in the scheme of things, breastfeeding was a fairly natural, easy process for me.

Whilst it is commonly acknowledged that "breast is best" there are those to whom things don't always come so easily.

I have asked my sister Brooke to write about her journey with Breastfeeding,

please read her post below.

Breastfeeding 101

It’s been 3 weeks since I last breastfed my 1 year old daughter, and I have to say that I still feel a mix of emotions – some relief, some happiness, and a little bit ‘ripped off’. You see my breastfeeding journey was the equivalent of running Mt Everest with 1 leg.

After a Post Partum Haemorrhage hours after the bug was born I was left with boobs that didn’t exactly balloon with the liquid gold. Day 3 after birthing my amazing and gorgeous baby, I had my first of 3 blood transfusions, and hoped that aside from making me feel more like a human and less like a corpse, that my milk would ‘come in’, as was supposed to happen. It didn’t…and I began to panic. I hadn’t contemplated not breastfeeding – it wasn’t part of the plan. Whilst I felt a little anxiety about breastfeeding, I had done the research and knew it was better for my child if I could breastfeed, and good for me too. The decision had been made…how hard could it be? I was so wrong…

For months I undertook 3 then 4 hourly blocks of breastfeeding, pumping, supplementing with formula, and using a supply line – as well as settling my child to sleep, and trying to rest myself. In addition I used medication, natural therapies, took 30 tablets a day, visited Osteopaths, Naturopaths, Lactation Consultants, NGALA, Child Health Nurses, spoke with the Australian Breastfeeding Association and conducted hours of obsessive Internet research…and I still had a low supply. Apparently I was never going to be a ‘cow’ (as my delivery midwife and Lactation Consultant told me!).

So I stuck with it (out of sheer stubbornness and a will to do what was best for my baby). At first I thought… “I’ll try to make it to 6 weeks”, then 12 weeks, then 4 months and so on. I made it to 11.5 months and was keen to continue, however the bug had different ideas. She weaned herself and made it loud and clear that she no longer wanted to breastfeed – she was on to bigger and better things. I guess this is the first of many decisions she will make on her own that I may or may not agree with!

I have learnt a lot from this experience…about myself as a person and about having a baby. I have absolutely no regrets about working so hard to feed my child, even though I was incredibly sleep deprived and felt like a failure as a mother. Looking back – and it is only now that it has passed, I feel like a huge success. I’d do it again, but next time, I’d probably be a little easier on myself and accept that things don’t always go to plan…and when they don’t, you do what you can. I now know that although breast is best, it is better for a mother to be mentally healthy, and able to cope as best she can with such a huge life changing event. It is important to provide the best and healthiest start for a new bub, but there are so many other things that are equally important…such as ensuring that a new bub feels loved, safe and secure.

I write this whilst watching my daughter stuffing her face with scone, and send a big supportive congratulations to all Mums during World Breastfeeding Week – those who do breastfeed, and those who don’t, those who do it for 5 years, those who do it for 5 days…but also to those babies like mine who stuck with it, and don’t give up on their Mums…

Friday, July 31, 2009

Ooooh look!

I must admit I'm not really a celeb follower, but I did get a buzz out of seeing this image of Nicole Ritchie with her daughter Harlow wearing a dress by Pink Chicken NY which we stock!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

the world's most difficult cake!

thing's can get pretty busy in our household...
combining different careers (musicians/ teachers/ small business owners) with 3 children,
yep, things can get pretty busy!
This weekend, I was out (pretty much the whole time) on a music camp, so in an effort to spend some good quality time with my daughter I suggested she could pick 'any' cake/ biscuit/ muffin recipe she fancied, & we would make it together sometime over the weekend....
little did i know that she would choose 'the world's most difficult cake'.

ok, allright, maybe it's not the most difficult.
it's just that, I don't cook cakes. or biscuits. or 'stuff like that'
i just don't have that 'cake cooking gene' or whatever.
I can cook food, honest i can, in fact I can cook some pretty good food sometimes (if I do say so myself!) but I cannot cook cakes.
I am the person who has actually managed to get packet cakes wrong.
yeah, really!

so, the chookin' picked a 'cake' that was a four layered, sculptural work of art featuring chocolate meringue, a hazelnut-choc mousse, berries & nuts.
and I was scared.

I spent 15 minutes trying to talk her into something else, anything else,
but you really can't break a promise when you're already feeling guilty about being out most of the weekend.
"I really want to make that one mum" was the (repeated) response,
& so we did.
& you know what? I think it even worked :)
a few issues with presentation, but for a 7 yr old with minimal help... not bad

I still maintain, that I can't make cakes, but maybe the chookin' can??

Friday, July 24, 2009

Denim to create Havoc in!

for a while now, I've been trying to find a range of Denim to stock
at ele-ahbaant that is great quality, great fit, funky styles & child appropriate.
oh, & I didn't want it to carry a massive price tag,
like I've seen on some brands.
Imagine my surprise to find an emerging Australian designer
that ticks all the boxes!
soon, very soon Havoc Denim will be arriving at ele-ahbaant.

Havoc Denim's main goal was to provide customers with soft quality denim after realising that it was an area lacking in the children's market.
Their denim has been treated & finished with 3 different processes,
then pre-washed- this has to be the softest new denim I think I've ever felt!

the hardest part for me was trying to decide which styles to choose,
I've chosen a few of my favourites, with aid from my
7 yr old helper/model/stockgirl :)
check the site to find out more, or sign up for our newsletter.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Mathilda's Market

Mathilda's Market came & went today, preceeded by a flurry of activity,
& culminating in a chaotic dance of sales, service, smiles & satisfaction .
(& sore feet!)

It was a fantastic day, where I was able to chat with my customers about some of the fantastic brands that I carry that are not widely available
(or not available anywhere else) in Australia, get some face to face feedback,
& even check out some great products around me.
(some that I just might be introducing to you very soon at ele-ahbaant :)

I even get to show off some of my 'own creations'
you know it doesn't matter how many 'ahbaant' t-shirts I sew,
people just seem to go dotty over them.

now, I know I keep telling you how excited I am about some of the
fantastic new products coming to ele-ahbaant very soon...
honestly, I'll be telling you much more very soon.
(make sure you sign up to the ele-ahbaant newsletter to find out first!)
there's one that I've been secretly hoping for, trying for even *begging* to stock for a wee while now, & I received the best news the other day...
I'll be telling you who they are as soon as I have my first order officially in :)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

new clothes, new skills?

starting & running ele-ahbaant, has been a Huuuuge learning curve for me.
Just when I think I'm feeling comfortable, something else creeps in...
like trying to learn how to create an animated gif.
well, I think I've got it!
so how's this for a sneak preview of some 'things to come'
ok so i admit, some are already here :)

ok, so i cheated, I used picasion, but if anyone would like to teach me/ tell me how to really create an animated gif, I'd love to know :)


Saturday, June 20, 2009

Glug baby, coming soon to an ele-ahbaant near you :)

it can get a little obsessive really-
the hunt to find the best, the most unique,
the most beautiful clothes for little kids & babies I can.

Then, just when I think I've
found something really unique,
I then go through the process of filtering it-
Is it (at least mostly) natural fibres?
Is it ethically produced?
Do I honestly think it's unique in some way?
Would I dress my own children in it?
and of course, is it priced at a realistic price?

I know most people are prepared to pay good
money for good quality, but everyone loves a bargain,
if I can find something that I think combines the two,
then I get really excited :)

I've got a few new brands I'll be introducing over the coming months,
some will be arriving soon,
some I have to impatiently wait for,
some are already here,
just waiting for Spring / Summer to begin stealing back...

but till then...

one that I'll be introducing soon, as soon as it arrives is Glug Baby
Glug Baby is a collection of kid-friendly tee's, pants, leggings & dresses with funky,
but age appropriate graphics.
coming very, very soon!
join our mailing list to be the first to know.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Redfish Clothing comes to ele-ahbaant

One fish, two fish,
you know how it goes...
so here's the next great brand to join the ele-ahbaant selection
gorgeous clothes from
Redfish Clothing.

to 'open' with check out these Fisherman's style pants, in dark denim.
I'm loving them for a funky take on jeans for kids
that not only look fantastic,
but are comfortable for your little one too.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

new shoes from hoof

I'm pretty excited about a few things at the moment~
there are a couple of surprises in the pipeline...
& just wait till you see the 'new look' ele-ahbaant.

I'm loving it, thanks to the amazing talents of
Andrea at Design&PRgirl.

If you have anything that needs 'doing',
then make sure you check her out.

Since we started stocking Hoof shoes, they have been just flying out the door!
We just received a new shipment of shoes from Hoof,
and as well as restocking the sell-outs,
we also have 4 new styles.
Personally I love the red boots.
I've got a thing for red shoes :)
as far as I'm concerned these are a 'must-have'

hope to see you at ele-ahbaant pretty soon,
make sure you subscribe to our newsletter
for a chance to win a $50 voucher.
create animated gif

Sunday, June 7, 2009


at ele-ahbaant, we're always on the lookout for great new brands, products & ranges to bring to you 
(& we've got some fantastic things coming your way... Can't wait!)
but to hear about where you can find these great products, you should head on over to KidStyleFile.com.au the team at KidStyleFile bring you all the news, & all the deals.
Sign up for their newsletter to hear about specials & discounts, & check out their site to be kept up to speed on some great fashion for kids.

Right now, & for the month of June, KidStyleFile is conducting a reader survey. Take part in this survey & could could be taking home part of a wonderful prize pool of over AUD$12,000.00. They're also donating AUD50 cents for every completed copy of the KidStyleFile Annual Reader Survey to the make a wish charity.  Make-A-Wish ® Australia.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Red Chalk

Another Fantastic Australian Designer range has found a home 
 at ele-ahbaant. (but not for long- it's flying out the door!)
My personal favourite has to be the newsprint leggings & long sleeved tee

another new arrival we're very excited about is 
Hoof Shoes from New Zealand.
Funky shoes for little feet.

the funky styling, quality workmanship & attention to detail 
is obvious in these shoes,
but the best thing about these shoes is the price.
Starting from as little as $19.95
you just can't beat that!

so long... too long... loads of news to make up for it

It's been so long since my last post, I really must apologise, 
there's has been soooo much happening lately, life just got a little crazy.

for those of you twittering, you would already know that renovation has been the key word lately, culminating in a new music studio & of course a new, dedicated home for 
(photos to follow soon).

apart from that we've had some great new stock arrivals recently, over the next week or so I'll try to catch you up to speed. If you want to make sure you're up to date with special offers, deals, new arrivals & VIP discounts, make sure you sign up for the newsletter at 

so to get started, we've got new Daily Tea Collection arrivals.
For those of you not familiar, Daily Tea is a versatile range featuring mix & match pieces that all work together.
These are some of my favourites:
also from now till May 31st, you can receive $10 off any Daily Tea 'bottoms' with the purchase of any Daily Tea top or dress. simply enter the code tenbott at the checkout.

Friday, April 3, 2009

olli & lime coming to ele-ahbaant

Olli & Lime

I was immediately smitten when I discovered this organic range from Olli & Lime, but tried very hard to resist expanding my range to include bedding/ homewares/ sleeping bags... but how could I?

Their line is seriously gorgeous. 
Slightly quirky, slightly kitsch, a little bit retro & completely stylish. 

Olli & Lime comes from the UK. 
My first shipment is set to arrive very soon, but there are only limited quantities, so first in...
if you'd like to pre-order, then please send me an email. If you'd like to request that I order a particular product next shipment, then send me an email about that too. 
Subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to hear more about Olli & Lime's Australian debut at 

Friday, March 27, 2009

It's so nice to be able to see people & speak to them personally, face to face- to be able to help them select, or just chat about the different clothes I carry.
I had one such lovely experience just the other night- a customer; Emma who requested to pick-up her purchase because she needed to travel shortly afterwards. 
While we were chatting, Emma told me about some previous purchases she had made, specifically in reference to her 'favourites' my ele-ahbaant designs  
great for chubby bubs- no elastic marks cutting into delicate skin.
So nice to get some feedback on what I do- 
I've attached the follow up email I received along with a photo of Emma's son, check out those gorgeous thighs :)

"Thanks Melissa. I am very happy with my purchases. I wrapped up my friend's present last night and it all looked beautiful. And the cowboy pants are the cutest.

Best Regards,

march madness

we can't help it, we've gone a bit crazy, 
but we just can't resist some of the new products that have been crossing our paths or that we've stumbled upon in the last few weeks.
These new lines range from the gorgeous to the sublime with a hefty amount of practicality thrown in for good measure... what are they?

...well, all things to those who wait ;)

check out our website www.ele-ahbaant.com.au very soon, or better still sign up for our newsletter to find out first.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Style Collective Fashion Directory - Designer Clothing, Kids Clothing, Weddings and more!

Visit Skout Trade Fair

new brands - new products - new ideas

at ele-ahbaant we spend a whole lot of time surfing the net, we trawl through endless websites/ blogs & fashion listings to try to find the 'right clothes' with the 'right fit' for our online store.
...of course there are always those undiscovered or little known brands that we don't stumble across~ so our message for you, if there's something you love, a brand you know & like, or just something you've just heard of yourself, let us know!
We'd love nothing more than to bring to you, exactly what you want-

If there's an idea you'd like to see...
well let us know that too,
you never know what we might come up with :)

we do have some great new brands & products arriving soon...
sign up for our newsletter or check back soon for details

finding funky kids clothes has never been so easy

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Right now at ele-ahbaant we have some very special offers-
The Nanny Pickle clothing range for babies is the lates
t "IT" item at the moment, receiving rave reviews from fashion site, magazines, blogs & trade shows throughout Australasia.
Bad bunny feature fun quirky designs depicting the mischief & misadventure of Bad Bunny in watermelon & avocado. 
wait till you feel the fabirc this range is made from, then you'll understand what everyone is talking about! the fabric is incredibly soft bamboo & organic cotton & feels like silk.

Our fantastic offers at the moment include heaps of free goodies- gifts straight from Nanny Pickle's nursery.
Go check out our site www.ele-ahbaant.com.au to see what we have on offer.

Friday, March 13, 2009

new winter clothes at www.ele-ahbaant.com.au - cool clothes for funky kids

cool clothes for funky kids
at ele-ahbaant our winter stock is starting to arrive!
We've just received clothing from Baobab & Eternal Creation.

Eternal Creation create a beautiful range of fair trade babies & children's wear, lovingly crafted & ethically produced in the foothills of the Indian Himalayas.

Come & check out the range... new stock arriving daily for winter.

finding funky kids clothes has never been so easy!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Baby Clothes Australia- Daily Tea Collection Arrivals!

ele-ahbaant - cool clothes for funky kids

New Stock Arrivals at ele-ahbaant!

Daily Tea ~ from Tea Collection

Tea Collection, the globally inspired children's fashion company, addresses the need for
affordable, high quality children's clothing with Daily Tea.
The Daily Tea collection is a gorgeous range of mix & match pieces for bubs age 3-24 months,
all made from high quality, breathable cotton.
Our first shipment has just arrived at ele-ahbaant and features really cool retro geometric prints, bright funky florals for girls & very hip printed tees for boys..

finding funky kids clothes has never been so easy!
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