Saturday, June 20, 2009

Glug baby, coming soon to an ele-ahbaant near you :)

it can get a little obsessive really-
the hunt to find the best, the most unique,
the most beautiful clothes for little kids & babies I can.

Then, just when I think I've
found something really unique,
I then go through the process of filtering it-
Is it (at least mostly) natural fibres?
Is it ethically produced?
Do I honestly think it's unique in some way?
Would I dress my own children in it?
and of course, is it priced at a realistic price?

I know most people are prepared to pay good
money for good quality, but everyone loves a bargain,
if I can find something that I think combines the two,
then I get really excited :)

I've got a few new brands I'll be introducing over the coming months,
some will be arriving soon,
some I have to impatiently wait for,
some are already here,
just waiting for Spring / Summer to begin stealing back...

but till then...

one that I'll be introducing soon, as soon as it arrives is Glug Baby
Glug Baby is a collection of kid-friendly tee's, pants, leggings & dresses with funky,
but age appropriate graphics.
coming very, very soon!
join our mailing list to be the first to know.

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Prem Kumar /CEO/ India Knitwear said...

your collections are pretty good..

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