Sunday, September 13, 2009

Swimwear for Summer

Living in Sunny Perth, in a suburb quite close to the coast (not quite walking distance... well, ok, a longish walk) we tend to spend quite a bit of time at the beach. In order to make sure the kids can all swim well & confidently, & of course for our own fitness, we also spend a fair amount of time at the pool. So it's fair to say that for us, swimwear becomes a Summer fashion staple.

I've been looking for  a while for a swimwear range that was gorgeous, well made, practical & child-appropriate.  
something that I feel would withstand the demands that my family would throw at it & yet look fun & funky. 
well... I've found it!

on it's way to us at ele-ahbaant as we speak is a gorgeous range of swimwear from Stella Cove.
a fresh take on swimwear, with simple clean lines & beautiful fabric designs.

A boys range is coming very soon also, don't worry, we'll be snapping that up as soon as we can too! but for now, here's a sneak peek of some of the girl's range on it's way

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Hayley said...

How gorgeous are they? Bring on summer!

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