Saturday, February 27, 2010

things they are-a-changing...

ele-ahbaant is coming of age...
what do I mean?

well to explain, I need to start a bit from the beginning,
I promise I'll try to keep it brief!
so here, in a nutshell, is the journey so far...

I have 3 children.
my son (10 yrs old) mister blister, although I guess he's nearly too old for that moniker
1st daughter (8 yrs old) chicken-licken, more often than not, the chookin', although she did announce at around 4 yrs old, that she was no longer "chicken", but would henceforth be known as "chicken chicken running rooster"
& the 'baby girl' who is really not a baby, "I is little girl mummy" (2 & 1/2) known as Arwi-la, or la-la

When my son was born, all those years ago, I was pretty disappointed & frustrated by most of the clothing readily available,
things hadn't changed by the time my second daughter was born.
I experimented during this time with making a few simple pieces of clothing & screen printing some tee's
pretty funky I might say, but just to amuse myself really :)

then the 'big gap' & the decision to have another child led to late nights spent on the net, most often with a sleeping baby on my lap
again, I was frustrated by baby clothes that were too pink/purple & garish, too covered in advertising, too many trucks, superheroes, cars & dumb slogans... (I'm sure you know what I mean!)

well, long story short, I began to make some simple clothing for my daughter, dabbling in some applique` which drew much admiration from those who saw it, so off to market we went!
Perth Upmarket was where it all began with ele-ahbaant, the name supplied by my husband's childhood.
but along the way I had discovered some other labels that I just 'had to have' & so I went on to grow the store, expand the range & scour the www for anything new, interesting, quirky & covetable!

so, the coming of age bit?
Mmmmnn, well that bit's coming very soon, but it involves a name change, a separation of my handmade line & my online store & a new direction for my blog, because you see, I haven't stopped looking! but honestly, there's only so much I can have (well, at once anyway) so my blog will become a broader, whimsical wish list of things I'd like to stock, things I may stock, & things I just like.

I'd love you to visit,
I'd love you to follow me,
& I'd love you to contact me if you have or discover something you'd like to see featured

see you there?

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