Tuesday, March 24, 2009

new brands - new products - new ideas

at ele-ahbaant we spend a whole lot of time surfing the net, we trawl through endless websites/ blogs & fashion listings to try to find the 'right clothes' with the 'right fit' for our online store.
...of course there are always those undiscovered or little known brands that we don't stumble across~ so our message for you, if there's something you love, a brand you know & like, or just something you've just heard of yourself, let us know!
We'd love nothing more than to bring to you, exactly what you want-

If there's an idea you'd like to see...
well let us know that too,
you never know what we might come up with :)

we do have some great new brands & products arriving soon...
sign up for our newsletter or check back soon for details

finding funky kids clothes has never been so easy

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