Sunday, July 26, 2009

the world's most difficult cake!

thing's can get pretty busy in our household...
combining different careers (musicians/ teachers/ small business owners) with 3 children,
yep, things can get pretty busy!
This weekend, I was out (pretty much the whole time) on a music camp, so in an effort to spend some good quality time with my daughter I suggested she could pick 'any' cake/ biscuit/ muffin recipe she fancied, & we would make it together sometime over the weekend....
little did i know that she would choose 'the world's most difficult cake'.

ok, allright, maybe it's not the most difficult.
it's just that, I don't cook cakes. or biscuits. or 'stuff like that'
i just don't have that 'cake cooking gene' or whatever.
I can cook food, honest i can, in fact I can cook some pretty good food sometimes (if I do say so myself!) but I cannot cook cakes.
I am the person who has actually managed to get packet cakes wrong.
yeah, really!

so, the chookin' picked a 'cake' that was a four layered, sculptural work of art featuring chocolate meringue, a hazelnut-choc mousse, berries & nuts.
and I was scared.

I spent 15 minutes trying to talk her into something else, anything else,
but you really can't break a promise when you're already feeling guilty about being out most of the weekend.
"I really want to make that one mum" was the (repeated) response,
& so we did.
& you know what? I think it even worked :)
a few issues with presentation, but for a 7 yr old with minimal help... not bad

I still maintain, that I can't make cakes, but maybe the chookin' can??

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Little Design Horse said...

yep looks like a difficult one! Jane

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