Sunday, July 19, 2009

Mathilda's Market

Mathilda's Market came & went today, preceeded by a flurry of activity,
& culminating in a chaotic dance of sales, service, smiles & satisfaction .
(& sore feet!)

It was a fantastic day, where I was able to chat with my customers about some of the fantastic brands that I carry that are not widely available
(or not available anywhere else) in Australia, get some face to face feedback,
& even check out some great products around me.
(some that I just might be introducing to you very soon at ele-ahbaant :)

I even get to show off some of my 'own creations'
you know it doesn't matter how many 'ahbaant' t-shirts I sew,
people just seem to go dotty over them.

now, I know I keep telling you how excited I am about some of the
fantastic new products coming to ele-ahbaant very soon...
honestly, I'll be telling you much more very soon.
(make sure you sign up to the ele-ahbaant newsletter to find out first!)
there's one that I've been secretly hoping for, trying for even *begging* to stock for a wee while now, & I received the best news the other day...
I'll be telling you who they are as soon as I have my first order officially in :)

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