Monday, January 18, 2010

Recent Arrival- Llum

It's been a while since I updated on 'what's coming in'.

There's loads of very exciting, beautiful clothing coming in soon to ele-ahbaant, but I thought I'd show one of our recent arrivals that I'm completely in love with.

“Llum” (pronounced "loom") means light:
light that dances on puddles, glows through pigtails and cowlicks, kisses tears as they fall, and breaks into radiant colors after a storm.  The light within the child is a pure, creative energy—one that organically cultivates individualism, personality, and style.  

Llum, creates harmony through comfort and simplicity, designing first for the child’s freedom of movement.
Adjustable pieces and relaxed cuts ensure an easy and long-wearing fit for each child.  Artful and functional forms encourage natural movement.

Reversible and interchangeable pieces create a custom look, and wear beautifully all day long, through spills and tumbles from breakfast to bedtime.
Llum clothing is rugged enough for play, but still very much dressed.  It transitions effortlessly from the sandbox, to the ice cream truck, to the main event.

Available now at ele-ahbaant

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