Sunday, January 17, 2010

to trampoline... or not to trampoline?

It's school holidays (as I'm sure most of you know) & I'm sorry that this blog has been so sadly neglected, but in an effort to not neglect my children, I just haven't got there!
I wrote this around a week ago... here's just a slice of our holidays so far

To trampoline or not to trampoline?

In our house, that really is the question at the moment.

My sister & I had a trampoline growing up and we LOVED it!
We spent hours & hours bouncing our hearts out!

My husband & I decided to get the kids a trampoline a few years ago for Christmas. A joint present between parents & grandparents (a fun night had by all... Christmas Eve, in the dark, putting together a trampoline :)
The look on the kid's faces when they woke in the morning to a massive tramp was priceless! Straight on, & have probably been on every day since. We have a tiny yard, so our initial reaction after setting it up was 'oh no, what have we done!' It takes nearly a quarter of our yard, but after seeing how much they use it, and how much they love it, we decided it was absolutely the best use of that quarter of the yard.

So... to not trampoline?
well, there's always that thing of broken limbs isn't there?

Eldest daughter, the chookin' was the first.
Nice clean break.
Tendon pulled the bone till it cracked.

Friends said: "see they're dangerous"
"that's why we'll never have a trampoline"
"I bet you wish you didn't have one now"
& multiple variations on this theme.

We defended it of course.
Despite the broken ankle, we believed the fun, enjoyment, exercise the kids got from that circle of anti-gravity was soooo worth it.
Terribly unfortunate that Kamikaze chick broke her ankle, but although we wished it hadn't happened, we didn't wish the tramp away.

A little bit harder to feel so convicted with the second broken bone.

Mister Blister.
Nice Clean Break.
40% of boys will break their arm... blah blah blah

As I write this I'm sitting in the ward at PMH (Can't thank the nurses & doctors enough for their treatment & care) waiting (a very long wait) to have his arm set properly.
Watching my son, pale-faced in pain.... I have to say, to trampoline or not to trampoline....
that really is the question.

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